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Spring is here, ready to rock your liver health?

Updated: Mar 27

Spring is officially here. warm sunshine, melting snow and green germinations are just what everyone needed after this long winter.

Nature wakes up upon the arrival of spring; birth and growth occur. In Chinese medicine, Spring is a Yang season, it belongs to the Wood element, and it is associated with liver health.

In Spring, while the liver is activated, it is also prone to damage. If you experience escalated agitation, insomnia, poor digestion, a little extra attention and love to the liver does no harm.

So How? Liver hates stagnation, loves flow; it appreciates an appropriate diet, quality sleep and balanced emotions.


Spring is a Yang season, it can create a certain level of dryness. It might reflect on the outside and inside. Consciously increasing water intake can quench the thirst and irrigate internal organs. Favouring greens and fruits, reducing the amount of spicy food and alcohol, could help to nourish the liver and give it a well deserved spring break.


The quantity of sleeping hours is not as essential as the quality of your sleep. Chinese medicine charted a biological clock for internal organs according to observation of each organ’s function and behaviour. The ideal bedtime for liver health is before 11pm. The liver rests and replenishes between 11pm to 3am. Chronic insomnia and the habit of staying up late can create unnecessary burdens for liver function.


We know extreme emotions can make us fall out of balance. Anger and rage are especially harmful for the liver. The liver likes well balanced emotions. Spring is a good time to focus on relaxing and enjoyable activity. If you do experience agitation or have anger management issues, it is important to seek professional help.

Certain people experience more health challenges during change of seasons. You might benefit from a series of acupuncture treatments to address certain health issues and have a better transition into a new season. Book an appointment or contact us for more information.


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