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Anxiety Management through Acupuncture

Discover a path to a more peaceful and fulfilling life

Find Harmony Through Acupuncture

Are you tired of the relentless grip that anxiety has on your life? Are you seeking a natural and holistic approach to manage your anxiety? We are here to support you on your journey towards a calmer, more centered existence through acupuncture.

At Aurora Chinese Medicine, we understand the profound impact that anxiety can have on your life. With years of experience, our acupuncturists are dedicated to help you find relief and regain control. Acupuncture is a recognized practice rooted in traditional Chinese medicine that focuses on rebalancing the body's energy and treating the root cause of your health issue. It works directly on your nervous system, enabling it to find balance. It is an excellent natural approach to manage anxiety or a complement to support your conventional anxiety treatments.

Why Try Acupuncture for Anxiety

What to Expect

​Comprehensive Consultation

Your treatment begins with a thorough consultation where we discuss your medical history, lifestyle, anxiety symptoms, and current treatments.

Gentle Acupuncture Sessions

After the initial evaluation, the first treatment will follow. Our serene and welcoming environment is designed to enhance the overall calming effect of your acupuncture sessions.


A treatment plan and accompaniment

At your first consultation, your acupuncturist will suggest a treatment plan tailored to meet your unique needs and goals. Our commitment extends beyond this initial session – we're dedicated to actively monitoring and supporting your progress. Whether you're navigating highs or lows, our team is here to offer guidance and make necessary adjustments to optimize the effectiveness of your treatments. 

Acupuncture Session

Meet Your Acupuncturist

Sengchanh acupunctrist


Member of  OAQ - l'Ordre des acupuncteurs du Québec

Julie Laurendeau Acupunctrist


Member of  OAQ - l'Ordre des acupuncteurs du Québec

Happy couple

Your Well-Being, Our Priority 

Take the first step toward a serene tomorrow. Schedule your consultation with us today.

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