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Relieve your shoulder pain, reach higher and further!

Acupuncture, a natural and lasting relief for acute or chronic shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain

Does your shoulder injury or problem keep you from doing your favorite activity or even just performing the simplest tasks in life? Acupuncture can help! Shoulder is the most mobile joint of the human body and for this reason, it is also the most fragile joint. People who subject their shoulders to repeated stress in all directions will often experience pain and even limitation in movements.

Our treatments can help with the following conditions:

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Here's how we help you care for your shoulder:

Acupuncture Session

Let us help you to live your daily life and enjoy your favorite activities without pain!

Jean Michel acupuncteur

About your acupuncturist

Jean-Michel Plaçais Ac.

Jean-Michel’s passion for acupuncture was ignited after his chronic shoulder pain was cured by acupuncture. From his long career in 5 star restaurants and his rock climbing practice, he developed a strong understanding of human anatomy and a special interest in sports medicine.

During Jean-Michel’s acupuncture studies, he made extra efforts to learn about Evidence Based Acupuncture and how science is able to explain it’s mechanisms.

The wisdom of Chinese medicine deeply influenced his lifestyle, not only relieving his physical pain but also bringing him inner peace. He is compassionate and devoted to his patients; he wishes to use his knowledge and skills to relieve people’s pain and bring them joy in life.

Our health is the result of our lifestyle and habits. Entrusting one self to the care of a competent and sensitive therapist is a great start to recovering our health or maintaining it. Jean-Michel believes that we are all constantly evolving and he puts emphasis on balancing the energies of the body, so that our best self can flourish.

Frequent asked questions

1 ° Will the pain return?

When the root of the problem is well targeted, treatment aims to eliminate the source of the pain and it should not reappear, unlike with treatments aimed at reducing symptoms. Whether it's a stubborn knot in a muscle, an imbalance between the front / back or left / right muscles, an irritated or stuck nerve or a compressed blood vessel, once your acupuncturist has identified the source of the pain, he will be able to remedy it and the body will be able to regain its original balance.


2 ° Is it possible to live without suffering from constant pain?

We all have natural imbalances, one side bigger than the other, for example. The body will always find a natural way to adapt. If this compensation is too strong, it can cause pain. But it is possible to realize this and find a different posture and stretches that will relieve us. It is possible to live into old age without suffering from constant pain despite sporadic minor injuries.


3 ° My pain has been the same for years, I don't see how that could change.

The strength of our habits means that the body is taken like in a rut. We always take the same postures, we always do the same movements, etc. A good therapist will help us get out of this rut ​​and never go back to it.



4 ° Pain is normal for people who practice my sport; I will continue to endure it.

Pain is the body's signal to tell that something is wrong. If this thing is corrected, the signal should spontaneously stop. If left unchecked, the wear and tear can lead to an injury that takes a long time to repair or chronic pain.


5 ° I don't know exactly what I have and neither does the doctor; we can't cure it.

Chinese medicine has an understanding of the body and physiology that is different from Western medicine. This different angle makes it possible to understand certain symptoms with more or less finesse than the other. This is why it is seen as a complementary approach. She sometimes succeeds in solving cases where conventional medicine is powerless.


6 ° Acupuncture or surgical intervention?

Surgery can be invasive and frightening at times, and success is not guaranteed. Acupuncture does not offer any further guarantees, but it is a very safe process when performed by a professional member of the Ordre des Acupuncteurs du Québec. This method is natural, without drugs and without side effects, it is strongly recommended to try it before embarking on a more invasive procedure.

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