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Natural and effective Pain Management

After 15 years of practice, our TCM practitioners have developed an effective way to relieve or completely eliminate your pain without risks and harsh side effects. We use a combination of acupuncture and Tuina massage therapy to attack the origin of the problem, so that we can treat the root causes and deliver exceptional results.

Our natural approach can help to relieve the following:

Why our approach works so well?

Acupuncture Session

Live every moment to the fullest without pain!

Here’s how we help you to overcome your pain?



Assessment of the root cause

The origin of the pain is not always where it is felt, so to ensure long-lasting results, we carefully evaluate your situation and identify the origin and contributing factors to your problem.



A customized treatment Plan

Once the root cause has been identified, we establish a precise and effective treatment plan which is tailored to your needs and objectives.



Targeted acupuncture treatments

Using state of the art acupuncture techniques, combined with Tuina massage therapy and Chinese herbs, we release muscle and fascia, reduce the inflammation and reset your nervous system to help heal the present pain and prevent its recurrence.



Self-Care Action Plan

In order to ensure optimal results, at-home exercises, personalized diet suggestions will be given to you. we want to make sure you have the tools you need to continuously improve your quality of life.



Continued support

we are always there for you when you need us, but don’t forget to check out our workshops, activities, follow us on the blog and social media, we thrive to be a supporting, inspiring and empowering community, which can’t wait to welcome you.

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