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Turn a baby in breech position with Acupuncture

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

All mothers-to-be wish for a smooth birth without complications. While a successful natural birth depends on many factors, it can certainly make it a lot more challenging if the baby presents in breech position at the delivery.

In 3-4% of pregnancies, the baby presents breech (when the head is not downwards facing the birth canal). Breech presentation is identified around the 8th month of pregnancy and confirmed by an ultrasound. This early diagnosis in effect leaves enough time to attempt a natural rollover of the baby.

Acupuncture is a very effective and safe method that can allow the baby to turn around before delivery. The treatment consists of using selected acupuncture points to stimulate the baby's metabolism and increase the production of amniotic fluid. This process plays an important role in facilitating the turning of the fetus. The best time to consult acupuncture for a version of the baby is between the 32nd - 34th week of pregnancy, but it can be effective even when the pregnancy is more advanced.

Obstetric acupuncture is a well developed field and it has been practiced in Quebec since the 90’s. It gained popularity in the early 2000’s and was brought to St-Justine and Lasalle Hospital in Montreal. It is well known for its effectiveness in helping women who are experiencing fertility and pregnancy related challenges, which include helping to correct a baby in breech position.

We highly recommend consulting an acupuncturist with specialized training in obstetric acupuncture. A well done treatment delivers a rather effective and quick result.

Your acupuncturist

Julie Laurendeau, acupuncturist since 2005, Julie has a particular interest in women's health. She completed a 6-month internship in obstetric acupuncture following her mentor Jean Lévesque Ac., a leading figure in obstetric acupuncture who brought obstetric acupuncture into Lasalle and CHU Sainte-Justine hospitals.

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