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Troubled with Post Covid syndrome? Acupuncture is here to help!

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

With the massive growth in Covid-19 infections, more and more of our patients suffer from symptoms of the disease, also known as “Post-Covid-19 syndrome”. It usually comes with severe fatigue, respiratory problems and a foggy mind, and can significantly affect one’s daily and professional life. People who are suffering from post-Covid syndrome usually feel that they have only a fraction of their usual energy to do all of their tasks and daily activities, and experience anxiety from not knowing how long it will last.

Modern medicine offers good solutions to protect against the virus and treat serious cases but unfortunately, very little to improve post-covid syndrome. It is very frustrating when on paper “everything is fine”, but in reality, you suffer from pain and fatigue daily. Acupuncture, a 100% natural therapy, can offer you some relief and hope.

Chinese medicine has a long history of treating epidemics. Since the existence of the Silk Road (2nd century BC), many epidemics have raged in China. Well known Chinese physicians at the time wrote treatises on the subject that are still authoritative today.

TCM does not consider post-covid symptoms as a single syndrome, but classifies them into several categories according to the symptoms present. Because the disease affects each individual's body and mind differently, we consider each person’s strengths and weaknesses when crafting a treatment plan so that each individual gets the optimal treatment. Your acupuncturist will therefore work with you to establish your health profile and assess your condition according to your symptoms and your health to find the most appropriate treatment for you.

Acupuncture can help you if your post-covid symptoms are:

​- Foggy mind

- Fatigue or exhaustion

- Shortness of breath

- Excessive urination

- Loss of smell

- Loss of appetite

- Bloating

- Constipation

- Insomnia

- Hot flush

- Dry mouth

- Nighttime restlessness

- breathlessness

- palpitations

- recurring low fever

The differences between modern western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) allow us to think differently and take a different approach to sometimes unexplained conditions and symptoms.

If you have contracted Covid-19, please follow the public sanitary measures to minimize the spread of the virus. While acupuncture treatments can not be provided during your isolation time, we encourage you to consult as soon as your test result presents negative to avoid the long halt of Post-Covid-19 syndrome.

Make an appointment now to regain your energy and a strong immune system; so that you can fully enjoy your life. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help!


* Tels que Zhang Zhong Jīng et son Traité sur la pathologie du froid et maladies diverses (IIIe siècle) ou Jian Min Wen et son Traité des maladies fébriles (XVIIe siècle).


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