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Spring, a golden season for growth

kids spring growth

Spring in Chinese medicine is a season of growth, renewal, and expansion, where our body's vitality is at its peak. During this season our metabolism accelerates, blood circulation improves, and respiratory and digestive functions strengthen. Notably, Spring stands as a golden time for children's physical growth and development.

To fully benefit from this golden opportunity, we encourage parents to provide their children with a nourishing diet, encouraging them to consume high quality proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables; and to embrace outdoor and sports activities, fostering a connection with nature and basking in natural sunlight. Last but not least, establish a consistent sleep routine. Children ages 5 - 11 need about 9 - 11 hours of quality sleep to ensure an adequate growth hormone production and a  proper physical and mental development. 

In Chinese medicine, pediatric massage is also recommended to optimize a child's growth. A consistent practice can nurture the vital organs like the liver, spleen, and kidneys; which play important roles in children’s growth. 

Here are a few simple massage techniques to integrate into a daily health care routine:


Knead Ban Men point 2-5 mins; this movement helps to strengthen the digestive system, therefore to facilitate digestion and enhance the absorption of nutrients.

yong quan

Knead Yong Quan point 100 times. This point is located in the depression of the forefoot sole.  Massaging this point can nourish the whole body, draw heat downwards, strengthen the foundation and promote growth and development.

back massage

Upward push on the back 10 times. Use thumbs to push upwards along the side of the spine in one direction. This technique stimulates a set of very important acupuncture points on the back, it can help to enhance the function of the internal organs and to boost Qi-vital energy.


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