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Live in harmony with your cycle

Acupuncture, an effective approach to reduce the negative impacts caused by your menstrual cycle.

No matter where you are in your cycle, you should be able to fully enjoy your activities without the hassle or pain. We offer a natural solution that can bring positive changes on both physical and psychological levels. Our approach works at the source of the problem to free you from your discomfort and allow you to enjoy every day of the month!

Here is a variety of menstrual problems we can help with:

Why turn to Chinese medicine to treat menstrual-related problems?

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Live every moment to the fullest without pain!

How can acupuncture treat your menstrual symptoms?



Understanding of root causes

Since the sources of the problem may vary, at your first appointment your acupuncturist will do a complete evaluation of your overall health in order to have a global understanding of your symptoms, and effectively address the root causes.



A treatment plan adapted to your condition

In order to reduce the negative impact brought by your menstrual cycle, we adapt the treatment according to your symptoms and your cycle.  We make your health needs our priority to offer you an optimal and effective solution.



Harmonization of the hormonal balance by acupuncture

A few personalized sessions will be proposed at different phases of the month to balance and regulate your menstrual cycle. When your cycle is more harmonious and regular, the unpleasant symptoms will diminish or even disappear.



Stabilization and maintenance of results

When improvements are present and constant for a few months, we  will space out the treatments. We will also give you advice  so that you can maintain lasting results by claiming control of your body throughout your cycle!

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