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In the mood for tea? Try these tea filled little green oranges. It delivers a unique, sweet and refreshing taste. While the orange peel provides a citrus note, the white tea gives a crisp pear flavor. 


Aside from just being a tasty companion to tea, these little Xinhui oranges are also popular in China for their medicinal properties. These oranges were processed when young and green, giving them a slightly bitter flavor compared to the ripened ones used in Chinese medicine. The oranges have been half-sun baked, which means that they are dried in a combination of sun and oven, offering a balance of quality and consistency.

Tea-moji - White Tea Stuffed Orange

  • 10-12 g

  • The results for brewing this tea can vary greatly depending on the brewing method and parameters. Our preferred method is Pour Over:

    • First, cut slits or holes in the bottom and sides of the oranges for water to filter out.

    • Place the orange in a filter over your cup

    • Pour hot water (90c to boiling) into the mandarin gently 

    • Enjoy !

    After several infusions the tea flavor may become a bit weak, you can remove the orange part and continue to brew as you normally would in a cup or teapot.


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