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This tea combines the bitter and vibrant flavor of Xinhui oranges with the strong but smooth qualities of Puer tea. In the early infusions, a light orange note dominates the overall flavor, but the fruitiness gradually balances out with the Puer tea flavor, it then becomes more and more refreshing. This tea demonstrates why these two elements make such a good pairing.


Aside from just being a tasty companion to tea, these little Xinhui oranges are also popular in China for their medicinal properties. These oranges were processed when young and green, giving them a slightly bitter flavor compared to the ripened ones used in Chinese medicine. The oranges have been half-sun baked, which means that they are dried in a combination of sun and oven, offering a balance of quality and consistency.

Tea-moji - Puer Tea Stuffed Orange

  • 10-12 g

  • The results for brewing this tea can vary greatly depending on the brewing method and parameters. Our preferred method is Pour Over:

    • First, cut slits or holes in the bottom and sides of the oranges for water to filter out.

    • Place the orange in a filter over your cup

    • Pour hot water (90c to boiling) into the mandarin gently 

    • Enjoy !

    After several infusions the tea flavor may become a bit weak, you can remove the orange part and continue to brew as you normally would in a cup or teapot.


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