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Essential Oils come from plant distillation. Using a natural material like wood to diffuse the oil is rather virtuous, right?


These plum flower diffusers were created by a woodwork Chinese artist. Two ideal wood materials (walnut and white maple) were selected to realize this piece. The plum flower was designed and carved into a layered shape with small dents, to capture the oil and deliver subtle and lasting aromatic benefits.




Plum flower - handmade essential oil wood diffuser

  • Drop the desired amount of essential oils into the center of the plum flower; leave it for 2-3 minutes to allow a full absorption. 

    We recommend using this diffuser in small areas (closet, bathroom, small rooms, etc.). Authentic essential oils are pure aromatic molecules, once they are volatilized, no stain or visible residues will be left behind, so you do not need to limit the diffuser to a specific oil. 

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