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This is one of those teas where the name says it all: This tea is really sweet.


Made from sun baked tea leaves, this tea starts off with a light sugary sweetness that lasts in the mouth. As the ball opens up, the flavor shifts to more of a honey quality. This tea is also well rounded and smooth, leaving a pleasant feeling in the mouth.

How Sweet of You! Sun Baked Black Tea (4 per bag)

  • 7 g / unit  (4 balls per bag)

  • Use about 100-150 ml  hot water (95c to boiling) to brew this tea in a cup or a teapot. Alway filter tea out to enjoy after suggested infusion time.

    During the first brew, allow the dragon ball to steep a little longer, for about 30 + seconds, extending the time a bit if you feel the ball is tight. The ball will start to unfold more during the 2nd brew. After the ball completely loosen, you can then reduce the time to about 15 + seconds for the brew. 

    Enjoy the different flavors produced in the different brewing stages!



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