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natural acne treatment

TCM Holistic Facial Massage, a Natural and Effective Acne Treatment

Is your frustration over the top by uncontrollable acne breakouts?  Do you feel your confidence is compromised by acne? We can help!

Bye Bye Acne...

When it comes to acne, it is often dealt with at the skin level. You might have already tried numerous home remedies; gone to the doctor’s office, obtained general information about the causes and received protocol medication and topical treatments. Still, you wish to find an effective natural solution with lasting results. We understand. Each individual has a unique story. Acne could be caused by hormones, stress, unbalanced emotion, compromised digestion system, etc. Or most likely, it could be a combination of many factors.

Without proper investigation, and treatment of the root causes, we are merely doing damage control. Chinese medicine offers an alternative. we do not only deal with the problem on the surface, we also work from inside-out to balance your inner system, you will see results within a few treatments.

What is Holistic Facial Massage?

Holistic Facial Massage is a part of Chinese medicine manual therapy. It is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and developed sophisticated manipulations over time.

Holistic Facial Massage works with selected acupuncture points and meridians to stimulate oxygenated blood flow, move sluggish lymph fluid, promote metabolic cell regeneration and most importantly to fine-tune your inner system by using facial reflexology.

acne treatment

Why our approach works?

How does it work?


Active phase:

We recommend to start treatment once a week for 3 – 4 treatments.


Balancing phase:

After your situation is under control, we will space out the treatments to let the body adapt and balance by itself.


Management and repair:

Once your body stabilizes, we will work out a long term management plan and at the same time to repair scar tissue.

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