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If you have not yet heard of Facial Guasha, you are missing out! It is the hottie in the holistic beauty world. Facial Guasha uses a smooth board to gently scrape facial skin. 


Guasha is a technique originated from Chinese medicine as a manual therapy; it is used for centuries in folk medicine to relieve pain and treat minor health problems. Although Facial Guasha was developed on the same principles, it uses different techniques and tools. Proper and consistent practice can increase blood flow and stimulate the lymphatic system. It helps to firm your skin and releases facial muscle tension; you will notice a brightened complexion and improved skin texture after the practice.


Guasha board comes in all shapes, sizes and materials. One of our favorites is the heart shaped porcelain one. It has a smooth and cool feel on the skin. It is also more economical and ethical compared to other materials such as jade and various precious stones.


Facial Guasha Board

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