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Jean-Michel Plaçais




Jean-Michel’s passion for acupuncture was ignited after his chronic shoulder pain was cured by acupuncture. From his long career in 5 star restaurants and his rock climbing practice, he developed a strong understanding of human anatomy and a special interest in sports medicine.

During Jean-Michel’s acupuncture studies, he made extra efforts to learn about Evidence Based Acupuncture and how science is able to explain it’s mechanisms.

The wisdom of Chinese medicine deeply influenced his lifestyle, not only relieving his physical pain but also bringing him inner peace. He is compassionate and devoted to his patients; he wishes to use his knowledge and skills to relieve people’s pain and bring them joy in life.

Our health is the result of our lifestyle and habits. Entrusting one self to the care of a competent and sensitive therapist is a great start to recovering our health or maintaining it. Jean-Michel believes that we are all constantly evolving and he puts emphasis on balancing the energies of the body, so that our best self can flourish.


  • Acupuncture, College Rosemont, 2021.

  • Clinical evaluation of lumbar pain, Dr. François Hains, 2019.

  • Introduction scientific research in acupuncture, Stephanie Racette, 2018.

  • Assessment and treatment of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, Anthony Lombardi, 2022.

  • Assessment and treatment of Acute low back pain, Anthony Lombardi, 2022.

  • Chronic Neck Pain, Anthony Lombardi, 2022

  • Fundamentals of Electro-Acupuncture, Anthony Lombardi, 2021

  • Sports Acupuncture Core Principles, Anthony Lombardi, 2021

  • Shoulder impingement: How, When & Why Needle Subscapularis, Anthony Lombardi, 2021

Other training:

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Mindspace Clinic, 2015.

  • B.B.A. Honors, HEC Montréal, 2010.

Involvement At Rosemont College

  • Maintenance of the medicinal herbs and vegetable garden, 2021.

  • Creation of the Acupuncture Social Club, 2020.

  • Development of a Scientific Research Project in the Effects of Acupuncture on Anxiety and Success in School, 2019.

  • Establishment of a Scientific Journal Club, 2018.

  • Organisation of a Social Acupuncture Clinic (NADA), 2017.

Professional association:

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